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Ideas for Covid-19 Safe Entertainment

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Top ideas for a Covid-19 Safe event!

We believe that the new normal for events has to include entertainment options that will make the event as safe as possible and that will still engage the audience and create an impression.

When you are planning an event you want to feel sure that you are booking entertainment that

is following the Government guidelines for a Covid-19 safe work and social environment. 

These are some of the things that you want to check from your entertainment provider:

  • Are they registered as a Covid-19 Safe Business?

  • Do they have a Covid-19 Safety Plan?

  • Do they have protocols in place to ensure they follow Government guidelines for Covid-19 Safety and Physical distancing?

  • What are they cleaning protocols?

  • What are their term and conditions if you need to cancel the event due to Covid-19?

In our commitment to deliver the best entertainment at DanceCircus we are following the Government guidelines for a Covid-19 safe work and social environment. 

These are some of the measures that we have in place:

  • We are registered as a Covid-19 Safe Business.

  • Our costumes are washed every single time that they get used.

  • All props are also wiped and cleaned after every use.

  • We’ve now carefully designed matching gloves for our performers to wear during performances (that match our unique and incredible costumes).

  • Hand washing is a must for all as often as possible - upon arrival and before and after any interactions. Our performers carry hand sanitiser for regular use as required.

  • Performers will carry a COVID-19 Kit : soap, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper and hand cream ( all the hand washing gets your hands really dry!)

  • We are checking in with our clients and performers for any early signs of illness to be managed.

  • For a detailed Covid-19 Safety Plan click here.

We have also put together a great selection of entertainment that complies with Government guidelines, specially when it comes to physical distancing.

The Spheres keep the performer away from the audience creating a very safe experience.

Towering above the audience our stilt walkers are a long way from anyone!

Even better than a mask! The performer's head is completely covered and a table surrounds her body creating a barrier.

Perched on top of a podium, our performers are kept at a statuesque distance from the guests.

Create an aerial installation away from your guests. Above their heads the aerialist is the only one at risk.

Get in touch!

Contact us to know more or to request a Covid-19 Safe Entertainment customised package for your event. No need to book until you are happy with our proposal, we are happy to chat and to answer as many questions a you have.

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