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Our Illuminated acts have some of the latest technology in LED. Because they are produced and made by us you know that you are getting a unique act that it is not mass produced.

Paired with our skilful performers you are guaranteed a high end performance that will grab your guests attention.

We have a wide choice of options for all events, from Illuminated Roving Visual Acts to Illuminated Stage Performances.

About Us

Why us?

We know our industry inside out, we train and perform with the best circus/dance artists in Australia. Our team is innovative and vibrant, delivering visually stunning results.

Our creative stamp is a fusion of styles born from our wide experience of dance, physical theatre, costume design and circus performance.

Our mission is to deliver world class entertainment and experiences that excite and innovate while taking care of our community of performers.


Sydney, Australia, 2000

Phone - 0421541860

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